Top Consumer Food Trends 2023… So Far

A major new Trend is the shift back to “Real Meat” from vegetarian trends. According to Google Trends, in the last year, searches for vegan foods has decreased. Also “Pret a manager” will be closing 75% their dedicated vegetarian restaurants due to a significant decrease in sales.

Additionally, there is a focus on so called cognitive foods with journalists promoting new research and keying terms like “Super foods” and “Brain Foods.” There are plans to promote these foods as increased sources of energy to promote healthier eating. Expert Nutritionists say more research needs conducting.

We are in a cost-of-living crisis with increases in running costs and inflation. Therefore, innovative new saving trends have emerged.

Sales up with people opting for beef shin, ox cheek, lamb neck and fish heads as cheaper alternatives according to Waitrose. Batch cooking and storing is now so popular, with people adopting this practice to reduce food waste and save.

New exciting flavours are trending. Non-alcoholic cocktails are gaining popularity with searches on Pinterest doubling each year consecutively. Additionally West African Cuisine, Exotic pie fillings, tinned fish date night and croissant variations are emerging trends this year.

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