Cold Storage – Am I using it correctly?

You may already be using cold storage to store your product or you may be thinking about needing that extra storage space in the run-up to Christmas, what the supermarkets call the Golden Quarter.

When using our containers for either Chilled or Frozen storage containers it is always good for all users to remember a few key tips to both help yourselves, the product inside and us as it can prevent the need to send engineers to your site.

These tips are;

Allow a Minimum of 6ft of space in front of the machine bulkhead – This allows for the correct airflow down the container and makes it easier for our engineers
Keep the External Door Closed as much as possible – By leaving the door open when the refrigeration machine is running will affect the internal temperature, and can cause ice to build up inside. This in turn will affect the temperature of your stock inside, but also means the machine will continue running using more electricity and more cost for you
Load your product into the container at the same temperature it has been set for – Loading a warm product inside the cold store will cause condensation, this, in turn, causes ice to build up inside and again causes the refrigeration machine to work harder to bring the product inside down to the required temperature. Resulting in more electricity being used and more cost for you
Make sure your product is packaged/stored correctly inside the container – This can affect how much the machine will work. Not loading the product correctly means the machine will work harder, causing excessive electricity usage and more cost for you
Check and log the container temperature every six hours or more frequently if required
Make sure the container is clear of rubbish – Plastic bags, liquid spills and foodstuffs can be a hazard and should be removed from the container. For example, if a plastic bag gets trapped in a fan it will affect the internal temperature and require an engineer to attend.
As a footnote, the Machines fitted to our temporary refrigerated containers will only work when they sense the temperature has risen inside, if they are on temperature they will just idle.

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