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In a fast-moving food production environment like a bakery, refrigerated containers provide a cost-effective and trusted storage solution.

Ingredients and their finished products can be stored in a range of desired temperatures. All of our cold storage units are monitored in real time, so staff are alerted of any unexpected changes.

Seven Refrigeration is the ideal partner for bakeries looking to add additional cold storage, either on a permanent basis or at busy times of the year, such as the lead-up to the festive period.

Our 20-foot or 40-foot refrigerated containers can be stored outside, freeing up more space indoors for production. If space is not an issue, subject to a site survey our refrigerated containers can be moved inside (using skates).

Inside or out, our simple-to-operate solution allows staff to easily access the ingredients or stock they need, individually or by pallets.

Here are some of the things being said within the bakery sector:

“Our industry thrives in the festive periods. A refrigerated container is an ideal contingency when faced with extra demand as well as assisting the everyday operation.”

“The temperature controlled storage enhances floor space, provides a cost-friendly option to ensure the production area can be used by our bakers to its full potential without bulky in-house chillers and freezers getting in the way.”

“Cold stores provide a great solution for our business. The containers maximise floor space, enhance storage capacity and boost overall productivity.”

For pharmaceutical companies, reliable cold storage is essential. Anything from drugs, vaccines, blood samples and chemicals need to be stored at critical temperatures to maintain quality.

In such a key industry, maintaining consistency and supply is vital. While temperature failures are bad news for any business, in pharmaceuticals it can have a serious impact on healthcare environments.

Refrigerated containers from Seven Refrigeration provide not only peace of mind, with our real-time temperature monitoring and alarm systems, but also flexibility. Our containers are stored outside, freeing up internal space, and additional units can be added at short notice when needed.

Each container, either 20-foot or 40-foot, is flexible, allowing for storage of pallets or individual items, drums or trollies.

Using our temperature monitoring system, staff can access temperature data in real time from their web browser or mobile app.

Here’s what’s being said in the pharmaceutical industry:

“A lot of products within our industry are temperature critical, and all of the cold stores come with a temperature monitoring system and will send out of range alerts to designated mobile numbers or email addresses. This ensures the ultimate quality and performance monitoring to guarantee the quality of our product.”

“We supply laboratories, hospitals and healthcare businesses. The temperature controlled container allows a solution for extra refrigerated storage, especially at different temperatures, across the UK and this will only benefit further as we constantly grow and our capacity for extra product storage can grow with us.”

Jonas Seafood specialise in the world renowned Cromer Crab and locally caught Norfolk lobster. Take a look at how the refrigerated storage solutions provided by Seven Refrigeration have helped Jonas develop their business.

With the pet food market continuing to grow, businesses involved in making our four-legged friends’ dinner are finding portable cold storage to be invaluable.

As demand rises, the pressure on space for refrigerated storage grows. But with refrigerated containers from Seven Refrigeration, these companies can store ingredients and individually packed fresh dog food outside. We have customers who have had to triple their storage capacity owing to rising demand, and we’ve been able to move swiftly to help them.

With real-time temperature monitoring and alarm systems in all our cold storage fleet, staff know that their produce remains at the desired, consistent temperature. Each cold storage unit is commissioned and serviced by our expert team of engineers, operating nationwide.

Our refrigerated containers are available in 20-foot or 40-foot options. Items can be stored inside by the pallet load, or individually. You can hire them for days, weeks, months or years. If you prefer, we can sell you the units, all on flexible and cost-effective terms. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Here’s what customers are saying:

“Our refrigerated containers assist operatives both inside and outside our premises and helps maximise space, time and ultimately productivity.”

“Working in the pet food industry, the products are batched for individual customers; it is key that our orders are easily attainable. With the additional space, it is easy to be able to pick individual orders and can also help when buying extra stock for specific sales or promotions.”

Temperature controlled, refrigerated containers are ideal for use by catering operations at large events. The cold storage containers from Seven Refrigeration can be used at multiple locations, ideal for outside but they can also be moved inside, subject to location survey.

When space at festivals, concerts or sporting events is at a premium, it’s important to have flexibility where food ingredients or ready-to-eat items can be stored.

Our fleet of over 700 cold storage units can be hired from as little as a day and delivered nationwide, so no matter where you’re planning an event, we can help you.

All our refrigerated containers come with temperature monitoring systems. You can access your temperature data any time from a web browser or from our mobile phone app, giving you complete peace of mind. And if the temperature did shift out of a pre-defined range, our temperature monitoring system will send an alarm message via email or SMS to your chosen address and phone numbers.

Seven Refrigeration provides a complete service, on flexible terms. We also have a team of professional service engineers available nationwide, should you ever need assistance.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

“The cold storage units are easily personalised for each event, and this ensures our operation goes smoothly and efficiently. We hire a refrigerated container to make food easily obtainable during services and ensure our customers get food and drinks at the right temperature. This is just one example where this solution is effective for us. We were supplied at over 30 events last summer, and we find them a great asset in many ways.”

“External cold storage is a big asset to our operation and is also cost-effective. This can be said all year round whether any of our events are in the summer, autumn, winter or spring!”

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