Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for quality temperature controlled storage, then Seven Refrigeration is your ideal partner.

There is a lot to consider when leasing a temperature-controlled storage unit.

We can answer questions that are typical prior to you Hiring one of our Quality Cold Stores either Short, Medium or Long Term.
These are the most common questions asked if you have any other, please call.

Subject to satisfactory credit checks and stock availability, we aim to deliver to your depot within 72 hours of you confirming your order.

Yes, we have a network of depots throughout the United Kingdom which all house a range of temperature-controlled storage units.

Yes, we cater to all requirements. However, these deliveries do sometimes incur an additional charge.

Primarily all units are located externally close to a suitable power source. However, they can be located internally subject to site survey, to do this the unit is skated and needs a minimum door clearance of 12ft high by 10ft wide.

Yes, there is always someone to deal with an emergency. You would need to use our dedicated 24-hour support line on 01473 261780 / 03702 647577 

Yes, our insurance does not cover the unit while it is on lease with you we advise the value.

Almost everything under the sun – here is just a small sample from a very long list…

Secure Storage (dry ambient containers)
Cards, cars, motor parts, motorbikes, lawnmowers, shelving, packaging materials, TVs, electrical goods, building materials, retail items, canned goods, dry foodstuffs, fireworks, furniture, carpets, paintings, paint, lighting, computers, clothing, animal feed, bottled water, mobile phones, shoes, furniture, ceramics, aggregates, gas testing pipes, biscuits, tea, sweets.

Temperature controlled
Frozen food, chilled food, cultures, pharmaceuticals, research products, chemicals (non-hazardous), cars (emission-testing), beer, wine, fresh food, vegetables, fruit, processed food, poultry, rubber, cheese, ready meals, olives, venison, pheasant, sausages, salad, rape seed oil, ice cream, cakes, wine, beer, flowers, juice concentrates, resins.

We use a wide range of gases including R404A, R134A, R452A and R744 (CO2).

Yes, all our units have telematics systems. YOU will be able to track and monitor your units remotely via an online portal. We do not monitor these ourselves & accept no responsibility.

In order to run one of our temperature-controlled units you will need a 32Amp 3 Phase supply (440 Volts) with earth, neutral and a 5 Pin Red Socket, fitted with a D Rated motor breaker.

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