Total Gross Emissions Tonnes CO2e
Tonnes CO2E per average no. employee
EVs in own fleet (exc customer fleet)

(Figures taken from our 2022 SECR Report)

As a company we are actively working towards a greener future…

The Seven Group are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability throughout our offices and the wider community. We have already made a number of changes to the way we work and the equipment we use in order to reduce our carbon footprint, including:

  • September 2020 saw the purchase of our first electric company cars and have since invested in over 60 electric vehicles for our fleet, as well as installing Pod Point’s to make these viable and also encouraging our customers to use EVs.
  • Our energy supplier only uses renewable energy and we have installed smart meters in all our offices.
  • We have increased the use of video conferencing with customers and suppliers to reduce the need for travel. Where employees do need to travel, use of the company electric pool car is encouraged.
  • We have promoted the need to make more efficient use of our recycling bins within our offices.
  • We have eliminated all single use plastic within the office by providing our staff with reusable bottles.
  • All documentation has been converted to electronic format (Where possible) reducing the amount of printing
  • Only recycled paper is purchased & any essential printing is done double sided
  • Milk is ordered through Milk & More using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles
  • We are looking at installing solar panels at our Head Office subject to planning permission

Seven Green Team

To further promote and encourage sustainability within Seven Group we have started our own in-house green team. The goal is to make changes, no matter how small, that will have a positive impact on the environment and local community.

As well as this it is a great way of engaging with employees and bringing the wider team together to make a difference and work on projects that fulfil our going green ethos.

1997 - Seven Group was formed

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